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The Icefield Parkway

The Columbia Icefield area is unique in that the Icefields Parkway rises to 2000m (7000’) as it takes you over Sunwapta Pass. This allows easy access to the alpine and sub-alpine biogeoclimatic zones. Although many travellers spend just a few hours in the area taking in the roadside sights, it is worth spending an extra day exploring the area and enjoying the impressive peaks and the huge glaciers that flow to the valley bottom.

There are numerous full-day hikes and half-day hikes that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The area lies so far north that it gets dark at 10 pm in July and August! It’s easy to pack a lot of action into these long summer days. Be sure to bring warm clothes! At these high elevations, temperatures can be cool even in July and August. 

Here are some of our favourite hikes and activities that you can do in conjunction with our IceWalks tours.

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